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Documents To Go 3.0 Main App Description

FREE! View native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files & attachments with Documents To Go Main App. Supported file formats include .doc,. docx,. xls,. xlsx,. ppt,. pptx.

Over 1 million downloads and 225,000 paying customers!
Looking to edit your documents as well? Docs To Go Full Version Key is on SALE NOW for $14.99(normally $29.99, a 50% discount!)

When purchased the Full Version Key unlocks the ability to:
Edit , View & Create Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint files & high fidelity viewing of your PDFs

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Free iPhone Applications for You

do you use iPhone ?? if yu use it ofcourse you'll need many applications for your gadget, in this article i want to inform yu that there are many applications for free and you can download it, so what apps are there ??

What is Monster Free Apps?

‘Monster Free Apps’ is an iPhone application that gets you top-quality, awesome paid apps, for free. Once installed on your iPhone, Monster Free Apps notifies you daily to let you know when a great app has just become free. You then have the option of downloading it for free, courtesy of Monster Free Apps, before the price goes back to normal (which often happens the very next day.) This saves many of our users over $60 per month is app fees!
it is 100% legal and approved by Apple. One method used to find you the best iphone apps and get them to be free is to negotiate with the developers on your behalf. The more users we have, the more leverage we have with developers. It’s actually a win-win for everybody… App developers want their apps to be seen by as many people as possible, because the more people that use their apps, the more word-of-mouth exposure and user reviews they get — and that means more people buying their apps later. So they make 
their apps free for the day for us to pass along to you. Monster Free Apps brings those deals exclusively to its users.
The Monster Free Apps application is free to use! That’s right – an absolutely free app that lets you know when paid apps have become 100% free!
Believe it or not, getting iPhone apps for free is both a reality and something that is very easy to do. You just need to know that secret – and we have it: Monster Free Apps!

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How to Install and Update iPhone Applications

Do you want to expand your iPhone possibilities? Installing and updating applications on your phone is easy and fast to do. iPhone applications will help you check the news, post content to your blog, use online games or watch videos anywhere you go. It only takes a few steps to update apps on iPhone.

here the steps for update your apps :

  • 1. Go to the iTunes section at the Apple online site--see resources below--and, on the right side of the screen, you will find the link to download iTunes and install it on your computer. Install it.
    If you have iTunes, you can skip this step.

  • 2. Find a list of applications in the iphone section of that you can install on your iPhone. Most of them are free. You can browse these applications, also called apps, through the iTunes store, too. However, Apple's website has more information on each of the applications, with a brief description on them.

  • 3. Choose the application you want to have on your iPhone. In case you choose it on the Apple store online, it will ask you to start iTunes on your computer.
    Click on Get/Buy App to download it. It will show on the left hand menu of your iTunes that you are downloading it. (The icon is a circle in movement right next to "Applications").

  • 4. Click on your applications menu and you will see as many of them as you have downloaded. When there's an update available for any of them, it will show a number next to "Applications." For information on how to install the applications updates, follow the next step.

  • 5.In order to update the applications, you will need to download the update to your computer, via iTunes, and then sync your iPhone to the computer so the updates are completed. Click on your Applications menu and, at the bottom, you will find the number of updates available. Click on that link and choose the updates you want to install.

  • 6. Plug your iPhone to your computer. Click on your iPhone name on the left hand menu of your iTunes and then choose the Applications tab.
    Under that menu, you can choose to update and install the applications by synchronizing the new applications between your computer with your iPhone.

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    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    New Samsung Galaxy S III commercial invites you to get ready for the Olympics

     A brand new commercial from Samsung for the Galaxy S III encourages you to get excited for the Olympics, which are set to begin in just a couple of weeks.
    The ad is directed by award winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and stars international soccer (football) superstar David Beckham.
    It's quite a good ad that shows a variety of places getting ready for the games to start, set off by Beckham hitting a gong with a soccer ball.  Enough describing the ad, just watch it yourself and try not to get pumped for the games to start!
    This particular ad will run in over 20 countries including France, the UK and China starting July 16th.
    Samsung is a big sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games, so expect to see more commercials and even more ads around London the closer we get to the opening ceremonies.

    Rovio's next game, Amazing Alex, launching on Android this Thursday

    The creator of Angry Birds is about ready to launch their next franchise this week - a physics puzzler called Amazing Alex. Rovio has been teasing this game for awhile, and though it's being painfully branded towards tweens, I have no doubt the gameplay will be polished.
    The game already did well for itself independently as Casey's Contraptions by developer Mystery Coconut last year, but Rovio had since acquired the company and is now molding it in their image. In all likelihood, that means lots of spin-offs and up-selling as per Angry Birds' precedent, but the trailer video below promises that there will be many free updates. Rovio also hints that there will be a level creator with sharing options, which should be pretty fun. 
    The Incredible Machine was always a favorite of mine, so I'm definitely glad to see this kind of Rube Goldberg gaming coming back. Anyone else eager to give Amazing Alex a try?
    Source: Rovio

    AT&T Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich update coming, with extra sprinkles

    do you waiting about update galaxy note ice cream andwich ?? yeahh AT&T will soon be pushing out Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy Note, and we got a chance to have an early look at the update, with it's own Value Pack of features. The Note was (to everyone's surprise) a very popular device, and Samsung has followed in the footsteps of their last popular device's ICS update -- leaving the UI much the same as it was with Gingerbread. Like the Galaxy S II, Touchwiz is basically unchanged. Nobody really expected Samsung to change the basic UI on a phone in the midst of it's lifespan, and that's a decision we can understand even if we don't like it very much.
    The good news is that we do like it very much. All the features you know and love about the Note are still there, as they were, with the API changes and ability to run the latest apps built-in. Updates to the Google apps and others like Chrome for Android make the Note better, and the ICS features like Android Beam and Face Unlock are along for the ride. If you just can't accept TouchWiz, having ICS allows you to install Nova Launcher to get the stock feel. ICS improves the speed and stability of all the software, and those changes do come with the update. 
    Along with the ability to run the latest apps and all the under-the-hood changes that come with Android 4.0.4, Samsung has tossed in what they're calling a Value Pack or Premium Suite. Consisting of a revamped S Memo app and the S Note app we've seen and heard was coming to Samsung's future tablets, it's two great pieces of software that you won't be calling bloat. S Memo's great home screen widget make it an app that's easy to use when you need to jot something down quickly, and the extra power that comes with S Note make it one of the best note taking apps we've run across. Check it out in the video and gallery after the break.

    How to quickly launch apps and camera from the Galaxy S 3 Lock screen

    The Samsung Galaxy S 3 may have come closest to recreating that “quick app launching” experience with the shortcuts on the lock screen and the innovative way of activating them.

    The Galaxy S 3 Lock screen 

    Turn on your Galaxy S 3 and (unless you have made changes to the Lock screen) you see the familiar dandelion image with four icons at the bottom.
    typical lock screen
    Typically, you swipe across the screen to unlock it and then go into whichever app you want.  So, that’s one swipe to unlock, then one tap of the App drawer and then a few swipes of the screen to find the app and then you tap and launch the app.
    Alternatively, perhaps you have apps saved in folders (as I do) and just swipe over one Home screen to find the folder with the app you want.  Again, too many swipe and taps to really be efficient.

    Quick launch Lock screen icons

    Those four icons on the Lock screen are there for a reason; you can simply quickly swipe up from any of those four icons to immediately launch the associated app.  So, swipe up from the Phone app to launch it.  If you use S memo often, just swipe up from the lock screen starting with your finger on the S memo icon and move upwards and S memo with launch.
    quick launch phone app  Quick launch S memo

    Quick launch Camera app from Lock screen

    One thing that users have asked about is the ability to quickly launch the Camera app from the Lock screen. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy thing to “unlock” in your Galaxy S 3 Settings app.
    security options  quick camera access turned to ON
    1. Pull down the Notification drawer
    2. Touch the Settings icon (or touch the Settings app icon)
    3. Scroll down to Security and tap
    4. Tap on Lock screen options
    5. Toggle the switch next to Camera quick access to the ON position
    6. To use the Camera quick access feature:
    7. Tap the power button to get to the Lock screen
    8. Touch the screen and keep holding (you will now see a new icon of a screen lock on the screen)
    9. While holding your finger to the screen, rotate your phone left or right (to a landscape orientation) and the Camera will automatically launch

    camera turns on

    To edit or change the Lock screen icons

    Fortunately, you are not stuck with the four Lock screen icons that ship with the Galaxy S 3; you can edit them to any four apps on your phone. To edit the Quick launch icons:
    1. Launch your Settings app
    2. Scroll to Security and tap
    3. Tap on the Lock screen options tab
    4. Tap on the Shortcuts tab at the top
    5. Touch and hold any of the four icons and drag it down to the Trash icon
    6. You will now see a + icon at the right
    7. Tap the + icon
    8. Choose from any of your installed apps to be the new Shortcut app
    9. You should now see the icon for that app in the shortcuts
    touch on Shortcuts  drag icon to trash
    In this example, I wanted to replace the Messaging icon with a Gmail icon.
    add new icon  add GMail icon

    Using Quick launch icons with Security enabled

    These quick launch features are great and work beautifully if you don’t use any sort of real “security” on your phone. If you choose either the Swipe (standard) or Motions unlocking methods – which offer no security – you can use the quick launch procedures outlined above to launch apps and the Camera.
    If you do use security, however – either Face Unlock, Password, Pin or Pattern, you need to enable one other feature to have access to the quick launch features. Otherwise, you will enter you PIN, Password or other security method and simply unlock the phone and go to the main Home screen.  You need to enable the Swipe lock on top of the other security method.
    In this example, I have PIN security enabled, but want access to the quick swipe up and launch feature.
    1. Go to your Settings app
    2. Go to Security
    3. Under the Screen lock tab notice the With swipe lock tab
    4. Put a check mark in the With swipe lock box
    5. Now, when you tap the Power button, you get the Swipe to unlock screen as the first screen. You can:
    6. Swipe to unlock
    7. Swipe up on one of the Quick launch icons
    8. Touch and hold and rotate to use the Camera
    enable with swipe lock  add PIN after swiping
    After you perform one of those options, you then need to either input your PIN, Password or use the other Security method that you have set.  This does add one more step to the process, but it still gives you the benefit of having these Quick launch features on your phone and maintain the security you need.

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    Facebook update requires Froyo, promises a faster app

    Facebook for Android
    We'll believe it when we see it, but Facebook's latest Android app update promises to actually speed up login and navigation within the app. We know, we know. It's Facebook, whose mobile app has been pretty crappy considering that, well, it's friggin' Facebook. Also of note in version 1.9.7 is that if you're not running Android 2.2 Froyo or higher, you're SOL on running this bad boy. (Though we imagine the previous version of the app should work fine, and only a mere 6.1 percent of active devices are running an OS older than Froyo.)
    Other bullet points in the changelog include front-facing camera support (that wasn't there before?), a new messaging feature that lets you hop between conversations and share photos, plus other bug fixes and a security improvement.
    Of course, this is Facebook we're talking about, so we'll have to wait and see what just got broken, too. Download link is below.

    Google releases source code for Google I/O 12 companion app

    Android CentralIn the true spirit of all things Google, the source code for the Google I/O 12 companion application has been released. Google will often try and slip some new bits and pieces into the I/O app, and this year was definitely no exception. The new YouTube Android Player API that was announced at the conference, was first put to good use in this very application. 
    If you're a 'code-monkey' at heart, and want to go poking around to see what's what, head on over to the source link below and get your selves knee-deep in code. 

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    How to Update Your Apps on Android and iPhone

    If you're just getting started with your new Android or iPhone and downloading lots of great apps, you want to make sure you take the time to check for updates at least once a week. These updates will provide new features and important bug fixes, and it's really easy to do. Here's how it works, step by step.
    The process is very easy on both devices. First, here's how you do it on iPhone:
    1. Go to your iPhone's home screen and tap on the App Store icon.
    2. After the App Store opens, tap the Updates icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    3. Tap the Update All button at the top of the screen.
    4. Enter your password and wait for your apps to update. Some apps may have an alert you'll need to respond to before the update will install, so wait a few seconds in case one comes up so you can acknowledge it.
    Here's how to update your apps on Android:
    1. Find the Android Marketplace on your home screen or in your app drawer and tap it to open it up.
    2. Once the Android Marketplace loads, tap the menu button on your device and choose the My Apps option.
    3. In a few seconds you should see a list of your apps. If there are available updates you'll see red/orange text that says Update to the right of the app's name. Tap Update All at the top of the screen to update your apps. Alternatively, you can update them individually by tapping and holding down the app you want to update and then choosing Update from the resulting menu.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    Game Elementary Advantage

    Elementary Advantage 2011Elementary Advantage 2011 offers a wide variety of learning activities that will challenge students at all elementary grade levels. While it is one of many educational games, we found it lacked any social studies learning modules, it offers a wide range of learning curricula that will help your students build a stronger educational foundation. This product earned its second place ranking in the top three, simply due to the array of learning activities, engaging games and quality of the teaching pedagogy. The teaching methods employed in this software are quite entertaining for children and will keep their minds attentive and stimulated as they learn.
    Feature Set:
    As we tested this product, we were offered activities typical to educational games in reading, writing, math and science. We even had access to electronic encyclopedias as well as beginner Spanish activities. These features, combined with the multitude of gaming and teaching techniques for every elementary school subject, make this one of the best educational games available for students in grades K-3. With this program, your students will be able to further enhance their skills and understanding in:
    A fair number of activities revolved around reading and writing, which is a rather suitable considering the age group for such educational games. Each lesson sought to help us learn how to read by starting with the basics of pronouncing letters and combining letters to create different sounds. Half of the learning modules were focused on reading, and each one on a different aspect. We found learning activities based on phonics, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, basic reading and writing. For example, one activity focused on the sounds two consonants made when combined, such as “sk,” “sn” and “fr.” These letters were then combined with an actual word and then sounded out as “skate,” “snake” and “frog.” Pictures were displayed in the background to also establish picture association. After the word was sounded out, we could hover the mouse cursor over each cluster of letters to replay audio and hear how the letters sounded.
    The software offered us several modules on math, and we chose to work with the simplest of the two. In a strange turn of events, we got to pick a pet that would help us get through the learning material. With our hamster close at hand, we delved into the rich world of addition and were presented with multiple-choice problems. After accomplishing several problems, we got to throw a Frisbee around and have the hamster play fetch with it. That was a very talented hamster. In this program’s math module, we found lessons on counting, values, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    The science section, while different in design from the other subject modules, offered a lot of learning content. We were able to navigate between such subjects as astronomy and biology. It did not offer us learning activities that were interactive, but instead posed science experiments in which we could engage away from the game. We were able to find information on stars and comets down to tornados and hurricanes. In this program’s science module, we found material for general science, astronomy, chemistry, and basic science.
    We then got to participate in some fun activities for the Beginning Spanish learning module. Activities were offered that helped us brush up on the Spanish alphabet, numbers, common objects, connector words and basic conversation. We didn’t really speak Spanish at the start of this test, but now we are confident in our ability to correctly pronounce such words as “y” and “biblioteca.”
    Educational Value:
    We found the potential for problems in the lack of distinction between first grade through fifth grade material. This means you never quite know how difficult or easy a lesson will be until the student begins going through the lesson. While this is a downside for higher grade levels that want to cover more complex subjects like sentence structure and grammar, for students in K-3 the content is quite suitable. The material is quite simple and well-suited for students third grade and younger, though your students could potentially use this in later grades.
    They broke the English section into six modules and the math section into two. This was useful because the age of the student is what determines which module they need to study. Yet there is no way to categorize the information by age, so students may encounter activities geared to an older audience. The math section doesn’t cover as much as the English sections do, but every little bit helps when a student may need that little extra boost to learn a key principle. This program doesn’t include geography or history of any kind. Since social studies is one of the core subjects, we were expecting to find it in the software.

    Elementary Advantage 2011 is one of the few educational software applications we’ve found that offers foreign language learning. While the lesson material in Beginner Spanish was informative, it was quickly forgotten. The teaching style was not one that exercised repetition or made it easy for us to remember what was learned moments before.
    There was an obvious difference between the science module and the other sections. The science course is laid out quite differently. It employs none of the same learning styles and is very text-heavy. The graphics and audio seemed like they had been done by an entirely different company. While the material covered in the science course was very extensive and interesting, it was much too text-heavy for younger students. The module felt very out of place on Elementary Advantage 2011, so we were quite disappointed that it had been included in its current state.
    Ease of Use:
    This software is very easy to use and will instantly be understood by most students. Each activity plays a heavy role in advancing to the next lesson in a given subject, especially in the math section. Every few questions, there is an activity the student needs to complete in order to progress. Entertaining as the activities were, if the student can’t beat each activity, they won’t be able to progress in their learning. Suffice it to say, we thought it a slight hang-up in teaching methodologies. This made the focus of the program seem like it was based more on a student’s video gaming abilities and less on their ability to answer questions. At the same time, the games offer varying levels of difficulty that students can choose from. If a student finds one activity too difficult, they can switch to an easier game while maintaining the same difficulty in learning questions.
    One downfall of the overall installation is that you must install each subject independently and there is no “install all subjects” function. If you want to install the reading, writing and Spanish courses, you have to install each course separately. This can get rather tedious, especially when you then consider that each course has to be run individually. If you’re in the writing course and decide you want to practice vocabulary, you have to exit the program back to your computer desktop and then load the vocabulary course. Executing such a task will likely prove somewhat difficult for younger students to duplicate. The reasoning behind this is likely that the software was meant for classroom use so teachers could ensure students used the program currently being covered in class.
    Kid Appeal:
    Elementary Advantage 2011 offers an enjoyable combination of learning activities combined with entertaining mini-games. At the end of a lesson, students are given the opportunity to play short games that involve accruing points to beat high scores or purchasing in-game items (e.g., pets, accessories, etc.). The games are based more on reflexes than material learned. These activities are quite entertaining and, while they don’t necessarily tie into the lesson, they do give students enjoyable activities to look forward to after they complete a learning section. The only issue behind this is if the student is unable to beat the activity, they cannot progress in the lesson curriculum.
    Help & Support:
    This software offers multiple media for support via email, FAQs and phone. Should you encounter any issues with the installation or performance of your software, you will not have an issue with contacting the manufacturers. As a side note, we noticed they offer an “Advantage Money Back Guarantee.” According to the software documentation, if your student’s grade point average (GPA) within the covered subjects does not improve from one report card to the next after using an Advantage product, then you can return this product within 180 days of the date of purchase and have your money refunded. This puts any refunds on a tight schedule depending on how often your school distributes report cards.
    Elementary Advantage 2011 earned second place on TopTen REVIEWS because of its performance guarantee and the large number of features offered. The downside of this product is that it doesn’t separate the information into grade levels. Students will find themselves enjoying learning in grades K-3 through this educational software. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To

    Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System

    Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System 2009Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System is a K-3 educational game  designed by Broderbund and is absolutely packed with fun and engaging activities to stimulate the minds of your students. The software is targeted toward children ages 4-7 and offers many fundamentals to help your students learn how to read. By working with Vowel Owl, the Crooning Caterpillars and more, the fun simply will not stop with the close of a book. Help your students see how fun learning and reading educational games are with this learning program.
    Feature Set:
    Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System offers what we felt was a very specialized educational service. For parents and teachers looking for an educational games that will not only entertain but teach their students, this is an excellent place to start for Kindergarten and 1st grade students. As we explored the software features, we found activities and games geared toward teaching the following:
    * Syllables
    * Spelling
    * Consonants and vowels
    * Prefixes and suffixes
    * Reading comprehension
    * Writing mechanics
    * Parts of speech
    * Vocabulary
    * Sentence structures
    * Reading aloud
    Educational Value:
    Reading is always difficult to start students on. Yet somehow our parents were able to accomplish it with us. Knowing where to start or how to measure a student’s progress makes for a tough battle since most of us can’t recall what our parents did to teach us, much less what we had for breakfast yesterday. This product is ideal for young students due to the animations and storylines. As we tested the game, we were assaulted with bright colors, fun cartoons and interactive lessons that were highly involving. On the downside, we noticed that this software doesn’t focus on any other topics found in most educational games beyond reading, so the niche subject will be an issue for adults looking for a more well-rounded educational game. Yet for students struggling with reading this is an exceptional product.
    Ease of Use:
    When students are using Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System, they will generally be able to play and progress through the program without needing adult supervision. We found that the downside of the program, unlike other educational games, was that the CD needs to be in the CD drive of the computer at all times in order for the game to work. Considering how rambunctious young students can be at times, your copy of the CD will likely sustain a lot of wear and tear from students mishandling it.
    Kid Appeal:
    The game is essentially an alphabetical race to the finish line. As we proceeded closer to the end of the race, we noticed that the complexity of the learning activities increased. In addition, we met new characters and were even able to learn new reading and learning skills as we went. This software operates like a digital storybook (similar to most educational games) and will allow students many opportunities to interact with story characters and help them complete specific tasks.
    Help & Support:
    Through Broderbund’s website you can contact technical support by viewing the FAQs page. This allows you to navigate quickly and solve your issues in little time. You can also submit any questions that you may have that are not included in the FAQs page. Answers to your questions will be sent back to you through email. If you need fast results, you may also call the manufacturer for further technical support.
    Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System pulled us into the reading world with little struggle. Students may hesitate at first because of the mindset that educational games are not supposed to be fun, but that won’t last more than five minutes with this software. We found its teaching methods to be very engaging and it will surely assist your students as they gain confidence in reading

    I hope you enjoy this game . . .