Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Download Piccap For Android Free

Piccap For AndroidDo you use android for your smartphone ?? if you use it you can download this app for your gadget this app named Piccap and you can download it at google play.

Android is operating system allows a large number of various customization’s and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Many developers have delivered small application that brings changes and improvements to your device. One of apps that can be very funny and interesting to use is Piccap that delivers tools to your Android powered cell phone or tablet device which can be used to customize your images after which you can share them with your friends.
Main menu of this application allows you to either import an image that you have already taken or to take a new one and then edit it. When you add image Piccap will create random caption and if you like it you can save image and later share it with your friends.

There are many different captions and all are very funny, many times you will get party quotes that will certainly make you laugh. Also have in mind that some comments and captions that this program adds can be rude and someone might get its feelings hurt.
Current version of Piccap For Android is 1.3 and it weights only 911 KB so you will be able to add it to almost all devices without any problems. Miko Lee is the developer and since it has more than a 100 000 downloads we can say that it is very successful and widely used.
There are few problem with this software but it all can be easily removed with next few versions. For example it would be great if we could deliver the image directly to Facebook after we are finish playing with it. Also, there is no way you can rotate image or text, this would be great addition to already nice application.