Monday, July 9, 2012

9 July Internet Will die, it's Really ??

Do you already know the news about the internet apocalypse tomorrow? Internet doomsday threats stayed 1 day longer. Precisely July 9, 2012, approximately 500 thousand infected hardware can die because of attacks of malware DNS. DNS or Domain Name System is an Internet service that converts domain names like into the text, so that between the computers can communicate with each other.

However, a number of cyber criminals have been infected with malware called DNSChanger. This virus could allow cybercriminals control the DNS server. As a result, the world of cyber thief could disrupt Internet access and computer owners harmful interactions between computers that have been infected. Google predicts about 500 thousand more computers already infected with DNSChanger Trojan.

There are ways to check the spread of these attacks. First open the site "". This page will indicate if a computer is infected with malware. If it says DNS Resolution = Green, the computer is safe. But if the DNS Resolution red, caution is an early indicator of infection.

Not only site, Google also made ​​an application that warned of this threat. The search engine giant will display a warning for the indicated taxable computer malware if open In the warning, Google has also added a link to remove malware attacks.

In March 2012, the FBI has obtained permission from the court to allow clean up their own DNS server. This solution is temporary because it allows the victims to clear their DNS settings and return to normal DNS. But only until July 9, 2012, computers still remain infected with DNSChanger will receive Internet apocalypse.

yeahh . . .my computer still run well and not infected, god bless us hehe