Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System

Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System 2009Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System is a K-3 educational game  designed by Broderbund and is absolutely packed with fun and engaging activities to stimulate the minds of your students. The software is targeted toward children ages 4-7 and offers many fundamentals to help your students learn how to read. By working with Vowel Owl, the Crooning Caterpillars and more, the fun simply will not stop with the close of a book. Help your students see how fun learning and reading educational games are with this learning program.
Feature Set:
Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System offers what we felt was a very specialized educational service. For parents and teachers looking for an educational games that will not only entertain but teach their students, this is an excellent place to start for Kindergarten and 1st grade students. As we explored the software features, we found activities and games geared toward teaching the following:
* Syllables
* Spelling
* Consonants and vowels
* Prefixes and suffixes
* Reading comprehension
* Writing mechanics
* Parts of speech
* Vocabulary
* Sentence structures
* Reading aloud
Educational Value:
Reading is always difficult to start students on. Yet somehow our parents were able to accomplish it with us. Knowing where to start or how to measure a student’s progress makes for a tough battle since most of us can’t recall what our parents did to teach us, much less what we had for breakfast yesterday. This product is ideal for young students due to the animations and storylines. As we tested the game, we were assaulted with bright colors, fun cartoons and interactive lessons that were highly involving. On the downside, we noticed that this software doesn’t focus on any other topics found in most educational games beyond reading, so the niche subject will be an issue for adults looking for a more well-rounded educational game. Yet for students struggling with reading this is an exceptional product.
Ease of Use:
When students are using Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System, they will generally be able to play and progress through the program without needing adult supervision. We found that the downside of the program, unlike other educational games, was that the CD needs to be in the CD drive of the computer at all times in order for the game to work. Considering how rambunctious young students can be at times, your copy of the CD will likely sustain a lot of wear and tear from students mishandling it.
Kid Appeal:
The game is essentially an alphabetical race to the finish line. As we proceeded closer to the end of the race, we noticed that the complexity of the learning activities increased. In addition, we met new characters and were even able to learn new reading and learning skills as we went. This software operates like a digital storybook (similar to most educational games) and will allow students many opportunities to interact with story characters and help them complete specific tasks.
Help & Support:
Through Broderbund’s website you can contact technical support by viewing the FAQs page. This allows you to navigate quickly and solve your issues in little time. You can also submit any questions that you may have that are not included in the FAQs page. Answers to your questions will be sent back to you through email. If you need fast results, you may also call the manufacturer for further technical support.
Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System pulled us into the reading world with little struggle. Students may hesitate at first because of the mindset that educational games are not supposed to be fun, but that won’t last more than five minutes with this software. We found its teaching methods to be very engaging and it will surely assist your students as they gain confidence in reading

I hope you enjoy this game . . .