Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AVG Free Edition 2012 12.0

AVG Free Edition 2012Do you use AVG for your computer security ?? if you don't have you can use AVG free edition 2012 12.0 you can download it for free.

Most important piece of software on every computer is antivirus program that you need to choose carefully so you would get the best possible protection. AVG Free Edition is certainly one of the best you can choose and what is important for large number of users it is free. There are reports that say that free antivirus programs do not provide the best protection but that is not always truth since there are many high quality free antivirus solution.

For most users AVG Free Edition will be a sufficient protection so we recommend this antivirus for everyone. Only problem that you might have is if you are hardcore downloader and you are getting large number of files from the Internet and some suspicious locations. But if you are downloading from reliable sources there will be no problems.
Interface of AVG Free Edition is simple, clean an pleasant so you will have everything close and ease to access. There are large numbers of features that you would expect to see in paid solutions only but this free version also brings features like LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit, E-mail Protection, etc.
The scanning process is really fast and thanks to Smart Scanning it can even allow users to work on the computer without noticeably affecting performance. Basically, this particular function starts a scanning process when the computer is idle and switches to a low-priority mode once it detects some activity.
With integrated PC Analyzer you will be able to scan your PC and find any problems with registries, junk files, errors that were made during fragmentation and similar problems. If you solve these problems you will have faster and more reliable system.
To sum it up, users can stop searching for an efficient antivirus solution, and give AVG Free Edition a try. It might prove to be ideal for those who cant afford to invest in security software yet want to be sure their PC can detect and block malware threats.
When you start installation you will need to pay attention since AVG Free Edition will offer you to change settings that are related to a search engine in your browser. If you decide not to allow these changes this software will work properly and with all functionality.